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Professional and technical development is supported through Omniware Consulting training/education program, which includes professional development workshops, computer-based training and instructor-led training programs.
Omniware Consulting also offers a broad range of educational services through the Omniware Consulting, distinguished by experienced instructors and a real-world focused curricula presented in an interactive, hands-on environment. The Omniware Consulting consultants' skills and experience level allow us to develop a plethora of software solutions for a variety of users. With a new project development division backed by a hi-tech team of highly qualified professionals including programmers, web developers, graphic designers and database experts, Omniware Consulting can meet your project needs with unmatched quality and efficacy.

This wide range of skill set gives us a much needed leverage to tailor solutions to meet each individual client's needs - a fact which sets us apart from the rest of the pack and makes us proud. From design to deployment - Omniware Consulting portfolio.

As the primary focus, our commitment is to keep our consultants ahead of the curve by utilizing their core competencies and upgrading their skills to meet the growing needs of the industry. We provide a fertile ground for continuous learning that is required in today’s high tech industry, which ensures the best and most comprehensive services to our customers.


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