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The greatest challenge faced by software Industry is to find reliable and qualified software professionals. Omniware Consulting can quickly mobilize teams or individual consultants to become an extension of your in-house resources. Omniware consulting located in the Madison area is at the heart of our business strategy – serving partners and clients with the latest and most innovative techniques for exploiting the power of enterprise-wide software systems.

We here Omniware consulting understand that there are enormous costs and risks associated with implementing Information Technology services. That is why we carefully screen and handpick only the most experienced people to implement our service. We screen and test our Consultants with every possible situation imaginable, assuring that we have picked the cream of the crop, the ace of spades, the best of the best. Omniware Consulting doesn't believe in anything below excellence. This is assurance to you and us, so we can reduce the risks to our customers and clients, while entrusting them that they will be provided with only the most experienced consultants, the best services, and highest quality applications.

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