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As the hub of development, integration and training activities, this enables Omniware Consulting to do all development work on-site utilizing live customer data, thereby giving our clients critical real-time solutions in the most cost-effective and timely manner.

We assist clients with trend spotting, product study, technology planning, and technology selection. We assist in identifying business requirements, platform/software requirements, vendor/supplier requirements and cost requirements. We can also assist in evaluating and selecting software package solutions and the technology required to support them: servers, clients, networks, etc.

We are recognized for building and implementing sound e-business solutions that go beyond designing simple web sites or e-commerce. Our expertise extends from e-Business strategy and Business Process Re-Engineering, customer-focused design to the realms of technology architecture and technology selection. Our integrated solutions provide e-business opportunities that create crucial connections with users.

While architecture development provides an abstraction level general enough to replicate e-business strategy, sound design requires a thorough understanding of how to develop or use established design patterns. Any robust product always depends on how well the implementation has been laid out. We have years of experience in dealing with such challenges and thus are able to provide scaleable designs with great performance returns.

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