Omniware Consulting
                                                            Creativity at Work for you!

Omniware Consulting is a professional services company, which helps clients find simple and timely solutions to business problems with varying complexity.   This is done using the innovative approach and leadership in the area of information technology.

     Omniware Consulting was formed on three basic principles: Commitment, Excellence and Integrity and one common goal: To become the best of breed. Omniware Consulting is committed to our customers and clients to do everything we can for them, from implementation of simplest application to the most in-depth and cutting-edge programs. We strive to provide the right service at the right time, every time.

     Omniware Consulting was not founded on the principle that "more work is better work", rather "doing the right work is better work." We want to do everything in our power to put Information Technology to work for you. Omniware Consulting believes that excellence is one of the most important tools in completing a project, and we strive to accomplish that with our clients every day. We are dedicated to delivering superior quality services and to creating cost-effective, complete business solutions for our clients. Omniware's final principle, integrity, sets us apart from others in the competition. We believe in practicing the highest in ethical standards. We are honest and fair company that is loyal and dedicated to our employees, customers, and clients.

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